ForgeRock UnSummit SF

By ForgeRock (other events)

Wednesday, June 1 2016 9:00 AM 6:00 PM

What is the ForgeRock UnSummit SF
The ForgeRock UnSummit is a one-day gathering of identity relationship management practitioners. It is a technical event for identity geeks held at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in downtown San Francisco. We're meeting to catalyze involvement and knowledge sharing around the ForgeRock open source identity platform and the greater identity relationship management community. This one-day event will be productive, fun and very hands-on.

When and Where will the UnSummit be held?
The UnSummit will be held on June 1 from 9AM - 6PM at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in SF. UnSummit speakers should arrive @ 8:30AM.

Julia Morgan Ballroom
465 California St
San Francisco, CA 94104
(415) 421-7730

Proposed UnSummit Sessions:
As an UnSummit, most of the schedule for the UnSummit will be set during the event itself, so be sure to bring along some ideas for what you’d like to talk about when you attend! Some sessions planned are as follows.

  • Using ForgeRock Common Audit and writing audit handlers
  • Implementing stateless architecture for authentication 
  • How to build containerized images for the ForgeRock platform
  • Understanding User Managed Access with OpenAM and OpenIG
  • Deploying the ForgeRock Stack on Linux Containers and ZFS
  • Why RFI/RFP's are not a good way to choose a vendor
  • Proof of concepts:  How to avoid the common fallacy of making it a production pilot
  • Closed loop compliance with Forgerock Identity Management and Brainwave
  • The ForgeRock Deployment architecture for cloud readiness
  • Pets and Cattle: Experiments with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Scripting and customization best practies with the ForgeRock Platform
  • Blockchain -- Share your blockchain use cases and plans and how it ties to identity 
  • The Power of the Platform: Identity Governance in Open IDM 4
  • ForgeRock APIs do What?
  • Managing and securing both logical (cyber) and physical access. 
  • Bridging the IoT Security Silos with the ForgeRock Identity Platform
  • Using UMA to share IoT data: the missing architecture manual
  • Gaining a 360 degree view of your customer with trusted digital relationships
  • Using a graph database to authorise users and IoT by extending the ForgeRock platform

We want to hear from you on topic ideas for the Unsummit. Fill out the survey below to tell us what you are interested in learning about and submit additional ideas -- Unsummit Topic Survey

Can I Submit an UnSummit Session?
Yes. We welcome submissions from the community. If you would like to submit a topic please email the title, a short abstract and a short speaker bio to: [email protected]  

Can I Request an UnSummit Session?
Yes. If there is a topic you'd love to have us discuss you can also request topics to cover. If you would like to submit a topic please email the title, a short abstract and a short speaker bio to: [email protected]